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Digital Activities

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We’re aware that when it comes to digital groups, it’s about offering a variety of lip-smacking activities for you to do!

Whether you’d like to learn more about the arts from your armchair, get together with a cup of tea and a thought-provoking chat about a murder mystery book, or have a healthy cooking session and a catch-up with your new best friends.

We all know how to it feels when life has changed and we need to find new hobbies and people to give us that sense of belonging.

We’d like to think that our on-line groups will provide you with an opportunity to meet new friends, learn new exciting things and have fun at the same time.

Our Activities

  • Art Sessions

    Our art groups are constantly evolving in response to what members of the group are interested in learning about. We’ve partnered with the Turner Contemporary, so that their Navigators can bring about group discussions on a range of subjects and deliver practical workshops exploring the weeks chosen topic. For all levels

  • Cooking Classes

    This is a mentored course with partner Bags of Taste. Everyone is welcome, whether you’re a social butterfly, feel like you’ve lost your cooking spark, wish to cook-up a storm of new dishes, or you just want to learn how to make healthy and nutritious food yourself. Beginners/intermediate

  • Carers Virtual Coffee Mornings

    Would you like to build more fulfilling relationships with people that are experiencing similar situations to you? Do you feel like you would benefit from an hour away from your usual pressures? Would you like informal guidance on how to get more support? Why don’t you join our friendly group and empower each other to find the solutions?

  • Coffee Mornings

    This coffee morning is for anyone who wishes to enjoy the company of others over a cuppa. Come along and maybe you’ll find somebody, or a few people that you can ignite new friendships with; maybe in time go for a nice trip out and have an adventure. Everyone is welcome!

  • Sit, Dance and Be Fit

    These sessions are designed to be fun and engaging, with a little simple movement to music. We will have you dancing in your chairs, while gently working on the key muscle groups to maintain your mobility in no time. Do as much, or as little as you can. This program is for you. The more you enjoy it, the better you will get! Beginners/intermediate

  • Skills Share: Crochet, looming and knitting

    Would you like to loom a scarf for just £2? Are you keen to learn how to crochet? Or do you knit and fancy a bit of company? We are keen for this group to be intergenerational and empowering. We want people who share a passion for creativity and craft of all levels to come together and brighten up one another’s lives with colour, beauty and practical alternatives to paying retail prices. Beginners/intermediate

    Currently, we’re also looking for volunteers who are passionate about looming, knitting and crochet to deliver 1 or 2 sessions a month with the group. Please e-mail: Kirsty Channing if you think you might enjoy this challenge!

“I Loved it, it was a really lovely idea and I can’t explain how much I appreciated it, it was so lovely to hear peoples voices and I really enjoyed it.”

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