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Would you like to give back

At Age UK Thanet we love like-minded members of the community who want to make the world (namely Thanet) a better place. Especially if you can support us with your time, donations and/or fundraising energy and ideas.

Individual Donations

This is an emerging area for us at present, but we’re working hard to think of ways that you can make a donation towards meaningful events and campaigns both on and off-line.

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Corporate Fundraising

We care about the shared memories & wonder that you leave imprinted in the hearts and minds of the locals we care about – by going the extra mile for them. Whether it be staff fundraising, a corporate donation, cause-related marketing or a gift-in-kind. Our Fundraising Manager will support you and your staff with opportunities to hear from our beneficiaries, learn about the project and she’ll even share her best fundraising knowledge to get the best return for your staff time/or charity of the year investment.

Major Donations

If you feel that you’d like to take the time to find out how you might be able to support a new project, or put funds towards a particular post, or resources during the pandemic then we’d love to have a good chat with you to understand what could be a meaningful for us and you.

Community Fundraising

We’re keen to work with community groups from WI’s, to arts groups, theatres and schools. We love it if we’re told a group like yours is fundraising and you’ve made Age UK Thanet your purpose. If it raises awareness too then even better. We all have loved ones, friends or neighbours that could do with the support to continue to live at home.

Leave a Legacy

We all have our own personal reasons for supporting the charities that we do. If you’ve been touched by Age UK for any particular reason and would like to leave a legacy then do notify us. If we’re aware of your wishes, then we can share our plans for Age UK Thanet’s future with you. We know it’s a sensitive subject and of course you may want to secure the futures of your loved ones first, but if we are in the loop then we can ensure the charity keeps making a difference year after year.

How your donations help

£5 Donation

Could pay for 2 welfare calls

£10 Donation

Could cover mileage, so our support staff can visit 2-3 homes in a day to deliver vital services.

£30 Donation

Would pay for 2 hours of askCAL