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Price List


Our welfare assessments are person-centered, so we will identify what might need to be addressed and feed this back to you, or your loved one by phone or in person.

The askCAL service is holistic and can be built around your loved one. They can choose as many or as few options as they wish and adjust their request further down the line if needs change.

The more services you choose, the less money it will cost.

Service Price
Activity Pack - contains puzzles, crosswords etc
Activities at Home
£17.50 per hour
Dementia Outreach Activities
£25.00 per hour
Telephone Welfare Check
Welfare Visit
Transport to Medical Appointment (waiting time also charged)
£17.50 per hour
Household Tasks Service
£17.50 per hour
askCAL Shopping Service (Supermarket of Choice)
£17.50 per hour
Handyman Service
£18.50 per hour
Buddy Box Meal (with Dessert)
Buddy Box Meal (Without Dessert)
Afternoon Tea
Footcare Clinic (specialist)
£27 / £32 per visit
Footcare in the Community
£27 / £32 per visit

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