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Michael's New Year Resolutions

Michael is a truly modest man with an inspirational life force.

After his wife became unwell with Lyme disease and Alzheimer’s, he was devoted to her care for over a decade. Due to having asbestos in his lungs from previous employment, he is also living with COPD.

After his wife sadly passed away in 2022, he was looking for something new and exciting to do, so joined our poetry group! Since joining, we are inspired every day by his positive attitude and love for trying new things. He is now also a member of an external book group and a keen member of local poetry open mic nights!
Being his first Christmas and New Year since losing his wife, it is a sad time, but he is also looking to the future and loving the things he does have. With his positive attitude, he is grabbing every opportunity with both hands and making next year all about being kind to himself and enjoying life in every way possible.

New Year Resolutions

This year Michael has decided to take a different approach to his new year’s resolutions and will be using the below points to guide him through 2023!

  • In his words “Just being me”
  • Putting no pressure on himself
  • Being kind to himself
  • Breathing deeply
  • Giving himself space

The main aim of Michael’s New Year Resolutions is to not set himself up to fail and to allow himself both physical and mental space. Whether that space opens him up to new opportunities that come his way or is created by having a clean and tidy home, he feels it is important to allow opportunities to enter his life.

Making Good Habits, Not Resolutions

Instead of making resolutions, Michael is building good habits into his routine. Some of these relate to trying new things, doing activities he enjoys and becoming a bit fitter in preparation for his surgery. These include:

Cooking Something New – Cooking new dishes which are high in vitamins and minerals, with Goji Berries and seaweed being some of his favourites!

Gardening – Planing a few winter shrubs that help to feed the wildlife (he also likes to keep Dandelions and Daisys for the same reason)

Becoming Fitter – In preparation for his lung surgery, Michael enjoys regular exercise such as morning stretches, walking, gentle Yoga and even some Tai Chi

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