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Michael’s New Year Resolutions

Michael’s New Year Resolutions Michael is a truly modest man with an inspirational life force. After his wife became unwell with Lyme disease and Alzheimer’s, he was devoted to her care for over a decade. Due to having asbestos in his lungs from previous employment, he is also living with… Read More »Michael’s New Year Resolutions


The benefits of art – Part 2

The benefits of art – Part 2 Another way art can improve mental health and well-being is by giving people a reason to come together and build a sense of community on and off-line. This can inevitably help to stimulate conversations and help people understand one another. It allows for… Read More »The benefits of art – Part 2


Eating for energy

Eating for energy Do you have a chronic illness? Are you looking for a little inspiration to help you build up your confidence, so you can exercise again? Community influencers on social media have become ever more important during the pandemic. People are seeking real role models from their own… Read More »Eating for energy